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I get burned out and lose interest if I play too much. I like taking a few months off to refresh and start new. It usually just takes a few hits to gain the timing but I get to forget the bad habits I pick up too.

Last season, I spent most of the time working on developing fundamentals. I realized after playing for nearly 20 years w/ time off in between that I'd basically just depended upon my athleticism to be a good player but I'd struggle in tough situations because of unreliable shots under pressure. This was completely opposite of the way I was in either golf or basketball and knew it was my (lack of) fundamentals that were holding me back. I'm already back to where I was last season after only getting out four times and I might be better in some aspects already.

I can go more than a year in either golf or basketball and score the same in golf (near par) and still make many shots in basketball.
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