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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
... to do what you are trying to do (get ssc etc etc) is the same as if you were holding a piece of rope the length of a tennis racquet with a tennis ball connected at the end of the string. now lets say you are holding the rope and a tennis ball is heading towards you over the net and you have to hit the oncoming tennis ball with the ball that is connected to the 27inch rope you are holding. you have to whip the ball around on the rope and hit the oncoming ball. get it?
I was casually perusing the threads here and happened on this. I think it just might help me to improve my forehand. After shadow swinging using this visualization, I'm encouraged enough to spend some time tomorrow experimenting with it on court (or at least at the wall if I can't get a hitting partner). One of my problems, at least I think it's a problem, has been in optimizing my arm extension regarding normal forehand groundstroke hitting. I'll let you know if your suggestion/visualization helps facilitate that.

Nice thread. Enjoying your vids, and comments from you, Cheetah, et al. You are talented. Best of luck with your continued improvement.
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