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Cool Am I still able to play?

I've been thinking about going back to school a bit, so here's a question. I played college ball for 2.5 years back when I was in college. I didn't play my full 4 because of health problems and college transfers due to my major. I can play 5.0 right now, better if I practice. Well, all the tournaments I've played, I've played in the open devision. Naturally I hate loans, so I was "dreaming" I could complete my 1.5 years somewhere to finish my major or start a new one on some sort of scholarship.

I have no health insurance. Who does, right?
I haven't played college ball in 4.5 years.
I'm 27 years old.
I am in very good physical shape. I've been doing crossfit and even ran a tough mudder.

What are the rules, and the odds. Looking at maybe a D2 or NAIA. Any ideas?

I'm semi-serious here, and keeping my options open. I just want to know if anyone knows some rules or some odds?
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