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Well, for at least 2 of the 4 slams, it simply doesn't matter what side of the draw Federer is in relative to Nadal. At the FO and Wimbledon, Nadal will beat Federer if they meet in the semi's, and, if they don't meet there, he will beat Federer in the final.
My point is, what if Nadal is beaten before the Final? Then Federer wins the slam. So if we're talking strictly about how to prevent Federer winning slams, the key factor would be that Nadal plays Federer as early as possible (because if they are drawn to collide in the final, someone may take out Nadal and prevent the meeting). Not saying its likely that someone would beat Nadal before the final, but just saying its much safer if Nadal and Federer meet at QF or SF, to make sure Federer doesn't win the slam.
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