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Originally Posted by PhilStar! View Post
Murray is very similar to Mecir (who also won a Gold medal and like Murray, played in a tough era). They both are around 6'3 and Mecir had the best footwork and movement for a guy his height. Hence, this nickname "The Big Cat".

I don't think Murray or Mecir are "pushers". They play a more controlled and consistent baseline game. You don't get to number 3 or 4 in the world by accident.

I agree, I think Murray will lose RG but will win Wimby or US Open, if not this year then eventually. Don't think he'll win 8 like Lendl did but he'll win some more slams before his career is over. The field is just not that deep with only Nadal and Djokovic as his main obstacles.
I think Murray will end up with 4-6 slams. He has the least mileage of the top guys and the upcoming generation is terrible.

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