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Originally Posted by tennisBIEST View Post
This sums it up for me.....its not about money!
Your video hits the mark for the ATP. The ATP are maybe 1000 of the most elite tennis players in the world. We give these guys a whole lot of latitude when they do there wild fist pumps and throw their racquets and scream and grunt and stare down opponents. That's because they are the best of the best and putting it on the line on national TV. The average NTRP player acting that way looks dumb and foolish.

It's like comparing a city basketball team with a rag/tag bunch of has been HS jocks to the NBA. The NBA players act out in bizzare ways, the city basketball team does that and we wonder if they've escaped from the asylum. Same with a recreational tennis player. Just saying keep things in perspective, we all have our day-job to go back to so don't embarrass yourself and act like a drunk at the neighborhood picnic.
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