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Default David Ferrer is NOT mentally tough as people think he is.

Serena Williams coach Patrick mouratoglou is correct about David Ferrer his problem when he loses to the top 4 is mentality. People go on and on about David Ferrer's size yes he's a small guy compared to those giants in the top 4. But Ferrer has also shown despite being five foot nine he has gotten VERY CLOSE to knocking off the top 4 in ATP Finals. However, it is shocking that Ferrer doesn't believe in his abilities despite being number five in the world.

I've never seen a top five player so mentally fragile like David Ferrer. It is all between the ears for Ferrer I believe Mouratoglou is right he psyches himself out which is such a shame.

Ferrer doesn't BELIEVE in himself he's too modest especially when he faces Nadal. In the Barcelona final last year Ferrer had so many chances to beat Nadal but he just chokes. At the Italian Open semifinals last year Ferrer had a chance to win the match again he finds a way to lose.

It is like Ferrer confidence is so low against the top 4 it is a self fulfilling prophecy he already LOST the match prior to going on the court.

Yes, I know Ferrer is only five foot nine and he lacks the power of the top 4 but he's played some tight matches against them and he usually loses.

I think the issue with Ferrer is he gets tight and he chokes when it matters the most. Today, Ferrer had a huge opportunity which I think for him could have been a psychological breakthrough but once again he finds a way to lose.

Honestly, I thought today Ferrer would have his breakthrough up a set serving to go 5-4 in the second set he capitulates gets tight and ultimately loses a tight match. Ferrer is not as mentally tough as people make him seem to be.

Obviously Ferrer is a very strong player and very consistent but he is not mentally strong. Andy Murray did not play great today but he did not need to because Ferrer doesn't have that killer instinct he didn't go for the kill

Since Ferrer is over 30 and he's turning 31 next week I doubt he's ever going to win a grand slam which is such a shame.

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