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Originally Posted by Amelie Mauresmo View Post
But today was his huge opportunity, he was beating Murray and it seems to me reality set in serving up a set and 4 all in the second and he lost the match after choking to lose serve. If Ferrer had gotten to 5-4 in the second it would have put tremendous pressure on Murray to serve to stay in the event. But no, Ferrer CHOKES like he usually does. It isn't about Ferrer's size it is about his MIND. Ferrer just doesn't believe in himself and he might need help because his time on tour is limited he's 31 next week. If Ferrer wants to win a slam he has got to calm his nerves when he has chances to beat the top 4.
He is not going to win a GS. He sees Federer as a tennis god and himself as a tennis worker. Deep inside his mind he IS NOT allowed to defeat Federer.

Something similar (but to a way lesser degree) thinks about Nadal and Djokovic (and even Murray).

It is the opposite of what Djokovic showed back in 2007 (he was SO SURE of himself as the next nš1 player in the world).
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