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Originally Posted by mattennis View Post
He is not going to win a GS. He sees Federer as a tennis god and himself as a tennis worker. Deep inside his mind he IS NOT allowed to defeat Federer.

Something similar (but to a way lesser degree) thinks about Nadal and Djokovic (and even Murray).

It is the opposite of what Djokovic showed back in 2007 (he was SO SURE of himself as the next nš1 player in the world).
Well that's a shame because an attitude adjustment is what Ferrer needs. What is the point playing tennis by not BELIEVING you can win when you step on the court? Ferrer's mentality is what has cost him a lot of matches against the top 4. Serena's coach is correct Ferrer has GOT THE GAME to do better but his mind is so weak. I know people attack Bernard Tomic for being a brat BUT if that kid gets the work ethic of Ferrer and have his cocky attitude the top 4 better watch out. Ferrer already is a hard worker but the poor guy psyches himself out.

The sad thing about Ferrer is it isn't like he's losing all the matches against the top 4 by blow outs. Ferrer has had his chances but he CHOKES mentally like he did again today. Very sad indeed.
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