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Originally Posted by McEnborg View Post
If Serena is SOOOO dominant, why has she lost several times to Azerenka, to Sloane Stephens recently and NOT have won a French since 2002. That is NOT consistently a dominant player.
French is explainable by the fact that she was competing against one of the clay court GOATS Justine, who won the title in 03, 05, 06, 07. Serena has had more competition on clay than on any other surface. Henin, Capriati, Kuznetsova beat her in 08 (one of the better female players that I think is way underrated), and Stosur who actually has a great surve and if she wasn't such a damn headcase would probably be multi slam champion. But even then, I think Serena should have way more FO's than just one. She won Madrid beating Woz, Sharapova, and Azarenka and won charleston as well, made it to the semis of Rome but pulled out with injury.

Just because she hasn't dominated the FO doesn't mean anything. Would you say Federer is not a dominant champion because he only won it once in '09? Fact of the matter is she has dominated every other part of the sport, with 5 AOs, 5 Wimbledons, 4 US Opens, 3 Tour Championships, and 4 Gold Medals.

I also don't know where you get the idea she's been losing to Azarenka a lot lately. Once in four years LOL (overall H2H is 11-2). Also I don't think losing once to Sloane when being injured is "several times".
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