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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
The biggest reason many are now starting to see Serena as the GOAT is:

1. She is dominant and by far the best player on the planet at age 31. No player has ever done that at that age ever before. The closet was Court being the #1 player and winning a couple slams at 30. Navratilova who is seen as the late blooming queen even lost her #1 and best in the Worlds status to Steffi Graf at age 30, and was then literally Grand Slammed out of current relevance altogether by Graf at age 31.

Serena has had long injury breaks from the tour which have spared her body somewhat. She is Agassi like in that respect. One wonders if she would still be at it had she spent her mid twenties dominating like her GOAT rivals.

2. Her peak level of play (2002-2003) and other instances (Olympics this past year) is the highest ever seen by a women. This is undisputable.

I dispute it. I give Seles 1991-1993 and Graf 1995-1996 as counter-arguments. Serena's dominant periods come third in my book.

3. She dominated the toughest and deepest womens field in tennis history from 1999-2005.

She did not dominate from 1999-2001 nor 2004-2005. She dominated from 2002-03 and I give you it was one of the deepest women's fields but not the deepest. I would say Seles dominated that when she saw off Graf, Navratilova, Sabatini, Sanchez and Novotna.

4. Her unmatched Olympics record.

Olympics were not played for real medals in the open era before 1988. It is also debatable how important Olympics are to a player's legacy considering their recent addition and also the fact they are not the pinnacle of a tennis player's career and thus not truly part of the Olympic spirit.

5. She is the only women in the post Navratilova years to be dominant in both singles and doubles.

She is hardly dominant as a doubles player. She wins Slams but no more. She is also not greater than Navratilova in this category and Navratilova is one of her GOAT rivals.

6. Her serve is the greatest single shot in tennis history, overtaking the Graf forehand which previously was. She has the overall most powerful game in history as well. She also has a very complete game without a single weakness.

I still give it to Graf's forehand on account of the fact that it is not the first shot played in a point and the player has to take into account their opponent's effect on the ball when they hit the shot. I would agree she has the most powerful game in history but that is inevitable as she is the greatest player of her era which happens to be the most modern and with the most advanced technologies in sports. As for not having a single weakness, I give you her movement which can be and is exploited by her opponents regarding which you can view Razzano's French Open win and Azarenka's Doha win if you need any evidence.

I await your response.
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