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Originally Posted by tennisfreak565 View Post
Hi everybody,
First off thank you very much Wilson and Tennis Warehouse for letting me participate in this shoe playtest. This is my first day wearing these and I will post several more updates along with a final review of these shoes within two weeks.

Day 1:
Okay, so I just got back today been from a vacation and haven't worked out, played tennis, or ate healthy for 4 days so I knew my hitting today was going to be rough. You know that feeling when you think "Why did i go back for thirds on that double chocolate cheesecake?", yeah I'm feeling it now. Anyways I took these shoes out of the box, slipped them right on, and noticed and a snug-like out of the box comfort from these shoes. I went to the courts and hit with my dad for an hour who by the way is a recreational player. My usual hitting partner is my doubles partner but I couldn't get ahold of him today. Even though my dad is just a recreational player he did a good job of making me run around the court, drawing me to the net then lobbing to the baseline and such. These shoes felt amazingly fast and light on my feet and even though of my lack of fitness I was easily getting to every shot comfortably. The Rushes stayed snug and tight the whole time and after an hour they felt even more comfortable, in fact so comfortable that I went to Walmart afterwards without changing shoes and forgot that i was wearing tennis shoes. So far I feel like I've pretty much have broke them in. I'm hitting tomorrow and Monday with them and I also am wearing them to a tournament Tuesday so I will give an update after the tournament!

Lol, I'm on a flight to MIA from Hawaii and I can't wait to play... But I know it won't be pretty. I even brought rackets, but nobody was "at my level" except the pro who was all booked up... That's what the resort people said!

My mom got home from El Salvador the other day and said the shoes got there right after she got home (Friday)... But I don't land in MIA until 7 am tomorrow... But I'm going to play/train pretty much all day Monday since I don't have school. I'm kinda glad the shoes are narrower in the mid foot since I have narrower feet and I like the extra locked in feel. How do they compare to Propulse 2's because that is almost what they sound like from the description you guys are giving?
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