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I suggest you look at Graf''s record against Sabatini and her 1994 results against Vicario. Check out Novotna's Melbourn win in '91, too.
Graf was in her worst ever slump from 1990-1993 which I already mentioned when discussing Seles also having not very good competition during her reign, and neither Graf or Seles ever having to face each other at their best (except for a blip in mid 92 perhaps). Graf had all 3 of her losses to Novotna from 91-93, outside of that she was an easy opponent always. Her win over Graf at the 91 Australian Open just indicates Grafs terrible 1991 level, nothing about her really. Novotna was also never a threat to win major titles on any surface besides grass or carpet. She was never a contender at 3 of the 4 slams.

Vicario was great in 1994, taking her game to a whole new level but she never duplicated that form again before or after.
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