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N.A., you usually are very rational and discerning but when it comes to Serena you sometime lose proper perspective.

Remember, Serena won a slew of her slams during a very weak period as well (as weak or weaker than Everet-Navatrilova or Graf-Seles post stabbing times).

Also Serena was not the only one to dominate certain years or time spans during the peak years of women's tennis (late 90's till about mid 2000's); Venus, Davenport, Henin, Capriati all had very good years in that time span that eclipsed Serena's performance at some point.

And if we decide to overlook actual records and go by a qualitative perspective, Serena is not clearly the best woman to pick up a tennis racquet. Others would pick different players and would be justified in their own personal choices. I personally put Venus' peak ahead of Serena's. Venus was faster, more athletic, had more pace off the ground, had a bigger serve, and would win more service winners (not aces) than Serena peak vs peak.

I know some others would choose Graf as the best, having far superior footwork and variety vs Serena.

So if or until Serena at least matches Graf's 22 slams, her undisputed GOAT honors are a fairy tale...
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