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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
See, this is why you should leave the boards. You don't actually watch tennis at all. He got beat because he was playing flat. He's won in wind plenty of times over the years. IW 2009 comes to mind, and I believe was mentioned earlier in this thread.

Just becasue Fed kicked his *** once doesn't make him a bad player in wind. Just a poor player that match. Just like Federer, overall, is an excellent wind player but has had matches where his game totally falls apart in wind. Same with Agassi, same with Murray.

also, with my first response in mind, lets take ourselves back to that match last year. rafa was playing at an average rafa level, which, at most times, is enough to beat federer. during the final, rafa seemingly played badly because federer was able to utilize the wind to his advantage and not let it get in his head. something rafa wasn't able to do because of the conditions and because of what federer was doing.

federer took the ball early when he could and reacted quickly when he needed to. rafa employed percentage play, which at first would seem like the smart thing to do when playing in the wind, but not in the unpredictable, swirling stadium wind they played in. but who could blame him, it works 2/3 of the time against federer. the combination of federer taking time away from him, the wind's unpredictable behavior, and rafa's decision to hang back and play percentages while federer dictated play took away up rafa's rhythm (integral to rafa's play) and took away the time rafa needs to set up his strokes.
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