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I don't understand why saying that peak Serena would destroy Peak Navratilova and Evert is such a compelling argument.

Hey, I'm not denying that Serena is a 1 in a million talent. She very well could be the greatest ever in terms of peak playing ability, but people on this forum give Laver/Borg/Lendl a lot of props when comparing them to Sampras/Federer/Nadal.

I don't see people giving the former top female players the same kind of respect when comparing them to the modern female champion, Serena.
Part of that is womens tennis has only truly been a competitive sport in the last 20 years max. When Evert and Navratilova played there were only 2 women who played tennis once King and Goolagong (and a young physically spent Austin) had retired, as one poster said, and that was in the 80s so less than 30 years ago! Mens tennis has been a competitive sport for many years.
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