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Originally Posted by McEnborg View Post
Serena Williams has won 48 WTA events.

Martina won 167. Evert won 157. Graf won 107.

Martina has 18 grand slam titles and 377 weeks as World's Number One. She has a combined 350 total titles, including doubles and mixed.

Evert has 332 weeks at number One and 18 grand slam titles.

Graf has TWENTY TWO grand slam titles and 262 weeks at number One.

Serena has 130 weeks at number One. She has 15 slam titles but she has only won ONE French Open--JUST ONE (11 years ago).i

When Serena is on with her all power game, she can be awesome. But, to say she's the best of all time is a freaking disgrace and shows a person's unintelligence. Serena's lack of consistency and durability, bad losses, minimal success on clay and other factors make it a pathetic argument to call her the greatest.
Graf is the greatest.
Martina is nr 2 on that list.
Serena comes in a distant 3rd (but ahead of Chris evert)
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