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Originally Posted by Tamiya View Post
I don't think anything W has ever made anything that feels like a POG
I recently played back to back sets with a Wilson 6.1 classic and a POG mid. The 6.1 is a racquet that's stayed in my possession for a long time because I "think" it's the greatest racquet ever made. I hadn't used it forever because of my tie to another company. The POG mid was a recent purchase brand new from TW because I'm more and more tireing of trying to find a newer tech racquet that feels best.

I figured the 6.1 and POG would play/feel/perform similarly because of the mainly graphite construction, size and weight. After playing the set with the 6.1 (6-3 which felt amazing and had me playing at a level with confidence I hadn't felt in years), I played a 2 set against the same opponent with POG. Started down 0-2 right off the bat. Racquets felt the same in general but I wasn't getting the depth I got with the 6.1. After a mental adjustment and aiming for higher trajectory/deeper depth, the set went similar to the first with a 6-2 final score.

Summary- I have confirmed with myself that the new tech cant give me the same confidence i have with the 6.1 and the POG. They feel similar but some adjustments needed to be made to get the most out of the respective frames. These racquets are top of the class for me compared to what I've tried from the new generation.
Classic racquet with new tech strings
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