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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
What is missing is that my partner should have taken this ball as a high BH volley or a FH overhead or volley. As you say, if the ball was actually headed toward me for a FH swinging volley, I would have no need to wind up behind my partner. Which tells you this ball should have been handled by the deuce court player.

If the net player lays off a ball she really should take -- and let's face it, this happens -- then she needs to be alert to get out of the way.

No, I had to go behind her to play the ball. She is middle of service box, I am in no man's land behind her.
Where were the opponents at? Would her switching to the other side cut off an open risky shot from you? In a situation like this, you do one of two things... go for the risky shot and nail the return into a very tight but open area of the court (if you miss, you miss) or you throw up the defensive deep lob into one of the back corners of the court and buy yourself and your partner time to regroup and reposition yourselves. If your first aggressive shot misses, just remember that a weak shot from you probably lost you the point anyway because the dreaded I formation you were in probably lost you the point anyway from the sounds of the OP. Better to play a risky shot and have a slight chance of a winner or chance of a forced error from the opponent than to play the weak return and give the opponents a winner anyway.
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