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Default Exactly, we don't talk about Monica Seles

Originally Posted by PhilStar! View Post
Bo Jackson's name doesn't come up because he was injured by some desperate tackler who threw the whole kitchen sink on him to take him down.

Had Rafa Nadal launch a forehand shot into Roger Federer's eye at the net during their 2004 Miami Open, We would still be talking about Pete Sampras as the greatest of all time.
Exactly, Monica Seles get left out because she was attacked and wasn't able to reach her full potential.

I would say all professional athletes are extremely gifted, ambitious people with extraordinary abilities. So you can't say this guy would have been great but for the injury.

Lance Armstrong & Greg LeMond - came back from injury to win - that why we call them great.

Bo, Sadly wasn't able to make it back - didn't win be great you have to win something! Herschel Walker - great guy probably can out run Bo...what happened collected a lot of money and didn't win anything! OJ Simpson great runner - did he win anything? No...not great!
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