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Originally Posted by Bhairava View Post
seekay, what gauge do you use on your k 95 16x18?And what tension?
I have a ncode 95 16x18 and I'm just trying solinco tour bite 17 (1.20mm) I have been tempted to use 18g (1.15) but someone told me it's too thin for a 16x18 pattern. Could you tell us the best gauge for your racket you found and how much time before string goes dead?I'd like to have 10 hours of good play from this string
My standard string is 17ga BHB7 at 48lb, but I've tried out Tour Bite 16, 16L, 18, and 19 in the 16x18 frame (all around 48-50lb). They all work well and last me at least 10 hours (with thicker strings staying playable longer). I think the 16L would be my favorite of the bunch, but that's personal preference as much as anything objective.
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