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Played a match today, and things went well. Although I lost (my return game wasnt great), it was close (two sets went to 7-6), and my serves felt reliable and strong most of the time. My partner even commented that they were zipping and bouncing quite a lot. And with my second serves, I refused to resort to pansy taps - instead I well for full blown top spin dippers. Yes there were double faults, but I think this was easily matched by the errors I got my opponent to make from my second serve. And I was happy that I didnt hold back. I cleared my mind and just went for it. Like what Jakeytennis said, just went out and had fun. The sun was a factor at one serving end, and I have to admit that although I didn't inhibit things a lot, just the mere presense of it messed me around quite a bit. Myplaying partner admitted he was having the same trouble. I had one game serving into it at 6-6 where I made three doubles. Cost me the set in the end.

Last night I looked at a slow motion of video of Djokovic serving, and I took someone into today from that video.

When he tosses the ball up, his rear leg is completely straight and his trunk is upright. It all looks so simple. When I start my own serve Im beginning to flex my back leg, and I also have a lot of hip flexion. So today I tried to stay as upright as I could going into my toss, and focusing on not jumping, and staying upright. And it did wonders. My tosses felt much more consistent, and overall the action felt 'simpler'.

As for grip, I used continental slight eastern.
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