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Originally Posted by HughJars View Post
Thanks for the tips.

So you guys are talking about the second grip mentioned in this video?

Just that I only converted from pancake serving to using was I thought was a full continental grip about 6 weeks ago, under the advice of a coach who had a quick look at my grip. But now I seem to be getting the idea of changing again?!
I would not switch to an Eastern FH grip for your serve. If you are not comfortable with a true continental grip, you might try a semi-continental for a while. Serena Williams and Boris Becker used this grip for first serves and used a more conventional service grip for 2nd serves.

The Eastern FH grip has the base index knuckle on bevel 3. The Continental grip has this knuckle on bevel 2. The semi-Continental would be halfway between the Eastern and Continental grips. I would suggest using the full Continental grip for your serve, especially for 2nd serves. Alternately, try the semi-Continental for while if you feel that you have issues with the full version.

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