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Originally Posted by seekay View Post
My standard string is 17ga BHB7 at 48lb, but I've tried out Tour Bite 16, 16L, 18, and 19 in the 16x18 frame (all around 48-50lb). They all work well and last me at least 10 hours (with thicker strings staying playable longer). I think the 16L would be my favorite of the bunch, but that's personal preference as much as anything objective.
The weird thing is that I come from dunlop black widow @ 53/51lbs and I found a lot of spin besides softness. Now I'm trying TB 17 (1.20) and I do not find the same amount of spin of black widow, plus the stringbed is really stiff as hell. I would imagine 16L gauge :O
Maybe I like more live strings, BUT I don't like hybrid, too soft. I'm curious about other TB gauges, but maybe the best thing to do is try TB soft.
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