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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
3rd and 4th seed are always on opposite sides of the draw, so how can there be no difference? For example, one can be seeded #3 and in the same half as #1. That means the #4 seed will be in the opposite half along with #2. So yes there is a big difference, If Fed is #3 he could be in the same half as Djoker, if he is seeded #4 he could be with Murray.

So yeah, DropShitArtist maths just like English, is definitely not your strong point either...

you and math don't mix....
he can be 3 and play with djoker as well as he can be 4 and play with djoker..there is completely no difference between 3 and 4...both have same chance to play with number 1.
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