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Originally Posted by Kahlz View Post
I agree with Bo Jackson being the greatest athlete of all time. The guy dominated football and did pretty well in baseball too. Keep in mind he did this all without the usual offseason training that others were doing since he was playing one or the other pretty much year round. If he had focused on one or the other, there is no telling how many records he would have. .
So essentially, it's the multisport thing? He could have, would have, should have done this and that had he NOT done both sports?

Where does this guy rank? Basketball player who wins high jump after a year of training?

I DO see that Bo was great. But just how great? I haven't seen any posts about his different results in decathlon. How high and long did he jump? (long, high, pole), ( How far did he throw (in shot put, in discus, in javelin)? Winning a state championship (that is what he did right?) in high school is great, but it can also be due to Bo having a grown man's physique at an early age. It doesn't mean he could have won it for grown ups on a national level - much less international level.

And it doesn't mean, he could surely have been a pro decathlete (or track athlete) – though there's a chance - much less that he could have won anything in it.

And as far as I get, he didn't win that much of significance in any of the sports he ended up doing (MVP and Heisman, yes, but is that –- together with being a pro in two different sports and being good at track in high school - really his claim to fame?)

BTW - if we are this expressed with Bo because of his ability to be a great track, baseball and football star, what about Pele?

I've read he was great at long jump, high jump and 100 meter. And as opposed to Bo, he's universally regarded as one of the two best players ever to play his chosen sport.

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