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Originally Posted by BlueB View Post
Bo, who...? The guy was good, not even best, in two sports that are not even international. He won a heinz ketchup, whaaat? Why he didn't go to the Olympics if he was so god?

Here's a list of some outstanding athletes that won Olympic medals in 2 completely different sports:

Eddie Eagan (USA)
1920 Antwerp Gold Boxing (light heavyweight),
1932 Lake Placid Gold Bobsleigh (four-man)

Jacob Tullin Thams (NOR)
1936 Berlin Silver Sailing (8-metre)
1924 Chamonix Gold Ski jumping (individual large hill)

Christa Luding (GDR)
1988 Seoul 2 Silver Cycling (sprint)
984 Sarajevo Gold Speed skating (500 m)
1988 Calgary Gold Speed skating (1000 m), Silver Speed skating (500 m)
1992 Albertville Bronze Speed skating (500 m)

Clara Hughes (CAN)
1996 Atlanta Bronze Cycling (road race), Bronze Cycling (time trial),
2002 Salt Lake City Bronze Speed skating (5000 m)
2006 Turin Silver Speed skating (team pursuit),
Gold Speed skating (5000 m)
2010 Vancouver Bronze Speed skating (5000 m)

Morris Kirksey (USA) (athletics and rugby)
Edwin Flack (AUS) (athletics and tennis)
Karch Kiraly (USA) (indoor volleyball and beach volleyball)
Otto Herschmann (AUT) (swimming and fencing)
Carl Schuhmann (GER) (gymnastics and wrestling)
Rebecca Romero (GBR) (cycling and rowing)
Roswitha Krause (GER) (swimming and handball)

And if you wanted versatillity, look no further then Daley Thompson.

Last but not least: Paralympian Sarah Storey
16 medals (including 5 golds) in swimming in Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney and Athens before having to quit swimming due to persistent ear infections, she then took up cycling and won 2 golds in Beijing.

Oh, almost forgot Wa-Tho-Huk - Jim Thorpe... Eats Bo "heinz ketchp" for breakfast
Well done...
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