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I had a curious play yesterday. I'd just strung up a 4 stripe POG 90 w/ Prince Beast and another POG single stripe 1984 90 w/ another poly both at 60 lbs. I hit w/ each for about 20 minutes and then switched to a recent POG Tour MP which again was strung w/ another poly at 60 but the strings were much older.

Here is the best description i can give:
1) The flight of all of my shots were consistent. I didn't like any of them better than the next. For me, that's a good thing.
2) The tour and 4 stripe each had some vibration and more on off center hits.
3) The 1984 had no vibration. I don't dampeners. It just made a thud each time the ball was struck whether in the center or not. The only difference is I used tubing in two places.

Will tubing in the strings reduce vibration and act as a dampener?
Back to using POGs. Why did I ever leave you dear friend?
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