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Originally Posted by dak95_00 View Post
^^^^Being a long time POG user and an occasional 6.1 Classic user, I agree w/ you completely that they feel very similar. What you noticed IMO is that the open string pattern of the POG adds spin the 16x18 or 18x20 Wilsons don't have. I'd suggest the power and stiffness/feel are nearly identical other than the spin potential.
Agree 100%. I didn't consider the 14X18 compared to the 16X18 bčing the slight difference but now that you mention it- I think that's a perfect analysis. Early in the match with the POG I was dumping regular shot in the net and hitting a bit short. The added spin makes sense.

Again, after the trajectory and swing adjustment it was great. Both the 6.1 Classic and POG are just superb compared to the new lines.

Thanks for the comments. You are spot on!
Classic racquet with new tech strings
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