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My favorite Donnay is the Gold 99. It feels solid for its weight, yet there's ample room if you want to beef it up without making it feel sluggish. I also found it to have more feel for touch shots than the Pro One. It also gets you sub 12oz, whereas the Platinum 99 and C10 Pro are right at the 12oz range and will be over with an overgrip.

The C10 Pro has better plow through, has a silky smooth feel and is pretty lively for a player's racquet (much in the same way as the old Yonex RD Ti80). I actually like the way I can accelerate it more through contact more than the Platinum 99, even though it has a higher swingweight.

Either way, I think the Gold 99 could be a really good option for you. Demoing the three would be a really fun playtest.

Chris, TW
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