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Originally Posted by superdave3 View Post
According to an article in Men's Health magazine, gluten is only a protein found in wheat, and less than 1% of the population have intolerances from it, most of which are labeled as celiac disease victims. For the rest of us, cutting out gluten has no affect on the body. Carbs in excess are not good, but keep in mind your body needs carbs, as well as proteins and fats.
Really... I am shocked.. shocked I tell ya... so you are saying that most folks cutting out gluten has no effect on the body? Most of what these folks are seeing is a cleaning out of their system, reduction of bad carbs and sugars. You can do that by eating whole foods and removing added sugar and eating whole grains (wheat or rice). Very few folks have an intolerance to gluten, folks with celiac disease and some autism victims. Again... removing all gluten from your diet is not an easy thing. The cost of going completely gluten free is not cheap and really a big waste of time for almost everyone. Eat whole foods, reduce sugar, fats and salt and you will be trim and lean in no time. This whole Gluten Free approach is again another fad diet.
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