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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I thought there were only two types of poaches:

1. Opportunistic poach. See ball, get ball. Keep crossing if your poach takes you across the center line. If you change your mind and realize you cannot make the distance, you shout "You!" and go back to your side.

2. Planned/signaled poach. If you signal go, you must cover the crosscourt. Period. No bailing out is allowed. You can call for help on a lob you really, really cannot reach, but that's it. Leave as early as you need to to reach that crosscourt ball.
That's my take. Always important for server to be aware of #2 but if S&Ving, it becomes even more so.

#1 is always on but if S&V the net person has to be more selective -- only going for weak returns that are reachable. S&Ver must immediately go behind the moving net poach; no time to react the the "YOU!" call.
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