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Mikeler i think you didn't get the tensions right for that open string pattern. For a CP machine i would recommend 52/47. So guessing around 57/52 for a lockout.

Your 50/45 would probably be like 46/42 CP. When i have strung any gut/poly that low the control was just not there.

If you can carefully cut the gut mains right outside the knots (on the outside of the frame) you might be able to salvage the gut. The increased tension should give you a few extra inches to make new tie offs at a new higher tension.

If you want to experience gut/poly nirvana, go with Polystar Energy 1.20 crosses. Polystar's soft so up the crosses a bit. Go with something like 57/54 lockout. This setup is only good for a few hours but it's the best hit i've ever had. Then you can just redo the crosses with whatever other poly you want to try. If you want ridiculous control and longevity, i would cross with 4G. Ultimate spin go with Cofocus. Another potential is Head Sonic Pro, which is very 4G-like and is half the price.
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