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Reviving this old thread. I got to hit with the Lobster Graphite Composite today. Good solid stick. Around 90 sq in, 16 x 19 pattern. Build quality is very nice. Understated design, beautifully finished. I believe they were marketed as high-end, luxury racquets back in the day.

Overall, a nice quality frame. Good at everything, but no stand out feature. Although I did seem to get some extra pace on 1st serves, it was nothing exceptional. As is often the case with any racquet, when you hit the sweetspot it feels amazing. Not super flexible as one might expect from an 1980s composite. Gonna guess it's probably only 20% fiberglass with the rest being graphite.

Overall, just a solid racquet. Reliable in all departments, but no particularly special area. Fun to hit once in a while, but I might not use it as my main stick. Then again, who knows? It may grow on me. Plus I think it may be a bit string/tension sensitive. More testing needed.
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