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Default Volkl V Torque Playtest

Tension used for playtest - 57lbs

Regular string set up - BHBR 16main/17cross 57lbs

Racquet brand and model used for test - Wilson Pro Staff Tour 95

Power of test string - Power is medium to high. I'm getting very good pop when hitting through the ball, there is a certain amount of springiness to it similar to volkl cyclone tour but easier to control. Shots were coming off with excellent pace and the spin was able to keep the ball in play.

Feel - Feel is excellent for a poly. I wasn't too fond of it in the first few hits, it felt stiff and like a board but after the string bed settled, the feel on contact is great! I literally can feel the ball pocketing and how it is interacting with my swing path. On certain touch shots I can feel the string grab the ball even though I wasn't hitting through it, that is confidence inspiring. I'd give it an above average for feel.

Spin - Spin is above average, shots that I thought were out dives in at the last minute and causes problems for the opponents. Slice serves were comical, the pocketing and soft string bed helps to produce above average spin and a powerful shot. Even until right before the strings broke, spin was excellent, probably more spin friendly than Cyclone Tour.

Comfort - String bed started out stiff and firm but after a bit of hitting it settled in nicely. Comfort is good if you strike the ball cleanly, off center hits were a bit jarring but that's the nature of polys, A few more days of hitting is showing this is a very comfortable string bed, soft but not mushy.

Durability - so far durability looks to be about average, a few days into it I'm getting some notching and just a little string movement, nothing excessive to cause me concern though. Ok a couple more sessions the strings popped, the string movement was an indicator that breakage will occur soon. Bottom line, durability suffers as playability is good. If you're not hitting against heavy balls, you'll be fine. BHBR lasts me about a week, this lasted just under one week.

Playability Duration (share thoughts on if/how the playability changed over time) - string started off stiff and tight, it needs to be hit for an hour or two to settle. Once it settles the string plays nicely, the feel, tension, spin are consistent through out most of my hits, played really well until it broke. I felt it handled its best right before breakage.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) - Control is good after I've gotten used to the power, pocketing/springiness. There is enough spin to control the power so the shots don't fly. I was able to control the trajectory on short balls and put enough spin on it to finish the point. Power and spin comes in handy on serves, drives are powerful and heavy. I thought this string had better control than the cyclone tour

Compare to the string you use most often - compared to BHBR, it is more powerful, had better comfort but control may not be as precise due to the softer string bed. Compared to Cyclone Tour, this has just as good spin if not better, power was just a touch less, control was much better, Cyclone tour wins in durability hands down.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) - I would string at the same tension but for those that like it a bit firmer you may want to go up 3lbs give or take depending on preference. This is a definitely a soft and lively co-poly with a touch of crispness.

List any final thoughts - string bed at 57lbs started off very stiff and firm but settled in nicely after a few hits. Pocketing is very good similar to the Volkl Cyclone Tour, the more I hit with it the more I enjoy it. Once I've gotten used to how the string reacts to my racquet speed and swing path, I was able to control my shots nicely. Never felt like a shot will fly on me, when it does, its due to human error instead of equipment failure. I feel there is very good power and playability with this string, with that the durability may suffer a bit. I'd like to purchase a reel to try out if its under $100 but I have a feeling that's not going to happen. I break this in under a week so the cost factor will be a deciding factor.
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