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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
I've actually seen the full collection, to which is hidden in a storage room deep in the depths of Wimbledon; and only seen by a few people. The curator of the museum rarely shows them off, but luckily I did some work for the Wimbledon education dept, and so was shown around. And some of my handywork is currently on display in the public museum.

It's an impressive collection ranging from the beginning of Wimbledon to modern day; and also includes a Lacoste ball machine! They didn't show me it working but I did see a video of Rene Lacoste using it. Very innovative.


The Wimbledon collection is remarkable, and the museum is great, but I think it is a pity that they can't basically have a bigger museum. They have so much superb tennis related history that has never, and will probably never go on public show. I think they particularly could display more 1970's, 80's and 90's rackets etc, as there is so much interest amongst many tennis fans at the moment in this era.
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