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Originally Posted by Sanglier View Post
Given that my chances of owning that shiny equijet are not just 'close' to zero but are in fact exactly zero, I had the idea of creating a poor man's mockup of this wonder beast by sacrificing a Goodwill Tensor. In fact, I intended to go a step further and make a clover-shaped head, then string it diagonally, so that the final product would be a cross between an equiject, a Spalding Power Tech, and a Powerangle. If the theories behind those three designs are correct, then mashing them all together should allow me to transform a Tensor Turd into a Tensor Terror. The dense string pattern, the even spacing of the holes, and the absence of plastic bits on the Tensor seem perfectly suited for this kind of experiment.

Alas, it was not to be. As the chrome plating on the frame would not survive any kind of heat treatment, I tried to bend it cold; which resulted in this catastrophic failure in short order:

There goes my $3.99, and any chance of finding out what a 403 g chrome-plated equi-power-tech-angle would play like.

Oh well...
Good effort
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