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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
I'm not a big believer in putting the stronger returner on the ad side. I find this leads to the stronger returner having to save a lot of ad in points and generally playing from behind in the game. I like to put the stronger returner on the deuce side to so he's receiving in the neutral situations (e.g. 0-0 or 30-all) to get ahead in the game, create more break opportunities, and put more pressure on the server. Unless you're playing a clutch big server this can also result in seeing more serves that the weaker returner can get into play or even attack.
Agree with this, I feel the deuce side is the much harder side to play and the stronger player should be on that side. I always played the ad side until recently and now I realize I was slacking on the ad side. The backhand return on the deuce side is the toughest shot to hit well.
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