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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
So basically, you seem to be a poster boy for a gluten free diet.

Doubters, what say you?

Can you relate more details and specifics about what you ate beforehand, what exactly you cut out of your diet and added to it, how you felt beforehand, how you felt after, etc?
Not sure what you mean by poster boy? And I am not gluten free, just gluten lower. The biggest change was that I used to eat a LOT of bread, I love sandwiches. Ate sandwiches for breakfast. Sandwiches for lunch. Sandwiches for snacks. I regularly had crashes an hour or two after meals that required a nap or caffeine. Chalked it up to aging until it was recommended to try no wheat diet for my nagging joint stiffness. Immediately forgot about my naps and coffees and (confession) stint with 5 Hour Energy shots. Still eating breads/pastas for dinners, and still enjoying beers on occasion. And still experimenting, like the concept of not combining protein and starches in same meal. But I am definetely feeling Much better not eating wheat for breakfast or lunch and don't think it's my imagination.

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