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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
hahaha. i had some coffee this morning and it has finally worn off. i'm good now.

sold my sticks so i'm on the hunt for new sticks that will magically make me 30 pounds lighter, 4 inches taller, allow me to strike the sweetspot every single time and maybe cure cancer too between changeovers.

Funny you should ask; I found one that does all that and also extenze the length of my, uh, shots to the baseline. But you wouldn't like it; it's an antique, like me, and it's full of Y chromosomes that automatically straighten out slice backhands and turn them into rigid straight arrows, all of which hit the outside of whatever line you aim for. Also provides the tools for a kick serve, but you have to add something to the mix for it to work just right.

Problem is there's only one left in the free world, and I have it. Too bad.
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