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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
yadda yadda baseball is back? again? how the heck does arod get 30 mil a year and sabathia 34 mil a year?! for comparison kobe "i like to get 30 a night by chucking up 30 shots" gets 27 mil a year and lebron "i'm only the best player and probably most recognizable active sports icon in the world" gets 17 mil a year.

on the other hand that griner chick from baylor is going to be the #1 pick in the wnba. do they have a draft? anyway she is set to make at most 105k a year.

i guess in summary i am shocked that mlb players still make so much money when it's the second or third most popular sport in the u.s. of a.

i'm shocked that the best nba players don't make more money and regular run of the mill players are paid 90% of what a superstar makes.

i'm shocked nfl players are paid so poorly in relation to the mlb and nba.

i'm shocked at how little wnba players make until i think about the fact that the entire league makes no money and is kept afloat by the nba as mostly a PR move and possibly tax breaks..

i don't care about nhl. i am mildly amused that the pretty boy from the pens got his face smushed. go caps?

also here's a fun trailer for a new movie coming out this summer. james franco, emma watson, seth rogan.
I have a feeling this post was aimed at me for some reason.

Well Ill play this game.

LeBron is severly underpaid right now. He should probably make like 75 mill a year. But all three of those guys took less than Max to play in MIA.

But to answer you, baseball players make so much becuase they had a players union that stood strong and get a bigger piece of the revenue. Its really as simple as that. Gene Upshaw was a well respected member of the NFL. Becuase he was always advising the players to agree with the NFL he was soft from a player standpoint. Pretty much when the head of the League thinks you are a friend you are not doing your job from the players standpoint.

Billy Hunter just got ousted as head of NBAPA. Cuz he sucked at his job, the NBA players got the shaft.

MLB has tried to screw the players but they didnt let it happen on the same level as the other sports in the USA.

Griner would probably have trouble making a NBA D League team so 105K may be fair or she may actually be overpaid at that price. The only way these chics make money is off endorsements and overseas. Griner look like a dude the endorsements are probably for like that deodant testerone stick they try to sell dude with "Low-T" Well lemme tell you Griner has very High T. Especially for a broad. But she still sucks at BBall.
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