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I'm 54. For breakfast I normally eat something I call pizza quiche which is basically a baked casserole of eggs and cheese with cream and hot Rotel/pizza sauce and spices along with a cup of coffee with coconut oil and heavy whipping cream added. I really don't have a problem eating the same thing most days for breakfast. Before I went low carb, I ate this Kellogs cereal called Just Right Fruit and Nut almost every day for well over a decade.

For low carb I generally try to get 10-20% of my calories from carbs primarily vegetables along with a little fruit and some nuts although I probably get more than I realize from beer. I try to get 60-65% of calories from fat and 20-25% from protein. Those numbers are my goals but I do stray sometimes like for instance last night when my wife surprised me with some Trader Joe's chocolate-dipped, pistachio-covered toffee as a gift. I'm not perfect but I generally stay in those ranges or close to them.

I try to eat fish particularly salmon at least twice a week which is nice because my wife makes great salmon dishes and everybody else likes them too. I also eat a good bit of baked chicken and other meat I cook on my big steel keg though I'm not adverse to BBQ pork or beef. I don't want my diet to affect the rest of the family so I'll eat whatever is cooked and just avoid things.

I also eat eggs cooked in a variety of ways for breakfast if I'm out of quiche. Lunch, if I eat it, is some combination of meat and vegetables and the same with dinner. I rarely eat bread and avoid potatoes and most other starches though I'll sometimes eat rice. I wouldn't eat any differently if I was playing a tournament than I would otherwise.

That is what I've found works for me. I've been doing it since March of 2011 and I feel great. My recent bloodwork was all good. However, everybody has to find what works for them. Low carb is not a quick fix but a lifestyle change which you commit to for as long as you want to keep the weight off. If I had a nickel for every doofus I've heard say 'low carb doesn't work because as soon as I started eating carbs again I gained all my weight back' my butler Alfred would be the one typing this reply for me. A low carb diet is NOT for everybody. I repeat, it is not for everybody but then again I don't believe there is a one-size-fits-all diet that is. Good luck finding what works for you. It only took me 52 years.
Hey Beernutz, you look great man, and at least 20 years younger..Like Pbarrow i am a new convert 27 days with no grain, no sugar..I have many of the same results but am giving it 6 weeks to send pictures and a full report. As far a pbarrow's question on what to eat during match times and days..So far my favorites are hearty vegetable soups..I carry nuts and raisens/fruit if i need it for energy..My wife makes these great banana/coconut muffins and pumpkin pies to help..It's taken me a little while to get used to the feeling of burning fat when playing instead of the hyper feeling of being on grainy sugar carb bars that i used to eat all the time..Yes it's an adjustment but so far so good..I love reading the stories of my fellow grain/sugar free comrades.It validates my feelings and motivates me to keep going
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