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Originally Posted by jojoreyes View Post
Thanks for the feedback. I'm playing with Dunlop Bio 200 racquets.
The specs on your racquet, it can be strung as 1 piece or 2 piece.
Unless you specify a preference both ways are correct.

Most customers do not ask me for one way or another, so for consistancy, I typically string the majority of racquets as 2 piece (4 knots).
I still get a # of hybrid requests and those can only be done as 2 piece.

There are some racquets that are just a natural to string as one piece, and with no hybrid request those get a one piece job.

One string job can feel different from another, as mentioned different type of stringing machine used. One type machine will yield a slightly stiffer stringbed stiffness over the other type machine, and the % varies on the size of racquet and type of string used.
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