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I think what most kids/players do not realize is that a coach is going to find you if you're a stud player USUALLY. There are a ton of tools now a days to track players. Now, that being said...1 in 1,000...there is a lone kid in a dusty blinking light town that hasn't played a single USTA tournament but can whip the crap out of everybody at the Texas 2A State Tournament for four years, but then again by the third year the hound dogs will be on him too. Maybe I should have said the Alaska State Tournament or North Dakota State Tournament. Whoever's sled dogs can get them there wins. If you have some significant STARS by your name at an early age, a college coach will be contacting you early on. You will not be forced into chasing them (unless you are a felon or have some "issue") at which they will have chased you first to find out. For the jr player that has not played and not invested in their game and "thinks they are good" and wants to ask the on a NTRP SCALE question, you will not get a college scholarship 99% of the time! Let's extrapolate that out further...there's really no chance being realistic. Now...if you want to play college tennis (is that what those kids are asking)...then they could play D3 or something (anybody can play college tennis if they are willing to go someplace that needs a player), but they are paying money to do it and that needs to be put out front, but hey 95% of us pay money to go to school. We should pay money to go to school, it's okay to pay money to go to school.

You must have the ability and drive and be able to find a spot.

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