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eman resu
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That Mizuno sure is beautiful....

I use mainly 20 years old racquets, with the exception of my Ozone Tour. I'll get rid of the Wilsons Nblade and Rok, so, I'll be left with a Wilson Graphite Matrix, a Wilson Sting 2 Largehead, a Prince Michael Chang MP Longbody and now I'm waiting the arrival of a Prince Graphite Series 110 (1 stripe POG from 1983).

The only one that's within the recommended tension range is the Chang, though, and it's strung at the min (53). All others are at least 5 lbs lower. Still don't know what I'll do with the POG, since 70-80lb is too crazy for me.
Prince Classic Graphite 100 Longbody x2
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