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Originally Posted by tenniscasey View Post
I have a year-old Motorola Razr Maxx and love it. It's a sturdy manly phone with a very nice camera. Easily the nicest phone I've ever owned.

And it just got a major Android update a few days ago, though nothing much seemed to change on the user experience side except the font on the clock.
I used this phone for a year and LOVED it. I do miss the easy power button on the side to unlock it and its durable feel.

I've been using the HTC Droid DNA the past month and love that too. the pictures are better than the razr maxx, but the sheer built to perfection quality that motorola has in their OS doesn't compare to HTC imo. HTCs are pretty but don't feel as sharp as the motorola razr maxx (pun intended). I love the blazing speed of this quad core DNA and love the big screen, but also loved the razr maxx as well.

I would like to try the Galaxy sIV as thats gonna be super awesome with the 1.9ghz quad core processor and crazy resolution screen but am stuck w/this one for a while.
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