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Originally Posted by Mike2228 View Post
You're looking smaller than your last video already.

Advice on serve.........I don't have any real technical advice because I'm no expert, but take more time in between serves and concentrate on the form for each one.

Advice on weight loss.......again, not an expert, but these have been working for me.
1) Set a loose calorie goal and a loose carbs/fat/protein % goal. I've found that by doing this and tracking everything I eat, I eat much smarter. If I'm hungry, I will use the % goals to help me choose my snack and stay on track.
2) If you're not going to be able to follow the goals one day or over a weekend, just go with it and enjoy, but don't track those days. Knowing how bad you've been won't help, so just forget it and get back to it the next day.
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