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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
The S4 is just gimmicky. Its not worth upgrading from an S3 at all. Only thing in it is the features. But, this isn't the same as the International/Korean version of the phone. Packs a Octacore processor yet no app is even close to capable to using that Octacore to good use. The HTC One is something new. Unlike the S4 which design has barely changed in comparison to the S3, the HTC One's design is completely outstanding/different. I'm not too sure about this alleged "UltraPixel" idea, but it works for me if the camera produces good quality pictures. With its all aluminum body, its built like a tank. Smartphone companies are aiming towards the camera market to take down DSLR cameras and whatnot from what i noticed. The only thing i'm disappointed in is the battery life. Dear lord make it better.
Yeah, I said earlier in the thread that the S4 is kind of like what Apple do with their 3Gs/4s way of doing things, so an S3.5 in many ways

The health features on the new model are interesting, but i'm more than happy with the myfitnesspal app, amongst others.

I'm hoping they've got something up their sleeve for the S5.
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