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Originally Posted by EndLy View Post
Watched Kershaw mow down the Giants (my favorite team) , and hit a clutch HR. We are looking at the first 200 million dollar pitcher now. Very impressive outing. He owns the Giants, probably has an ERA of 1 or lower vs them the last couple of years.

Excited for the season.

Don't think Posey is going to repeat the batting average but could hit .310/25/100 though. Although I believe Sandoval belt and pence will all hit over 15 HRs so that'll pick up the slack
Kershaw is something else for sure.

Pence is my guy. He is such an inspiration to me as an athlete. I try to play tennis the way he plays

Posey is rock solid. And I want to see Pablo hit three home runs again in a game, any game!
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