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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
^^^Nadal is a product of the "spanish system" insofar as Toni Colom, Francis Roig, Jofre Porta and even Toni Nadal are all RPT certified coaches.

If you are referring to "system" in the sense of the NGB, no spanish players are a product because RFET don't have a mission to produce players - they don't have the budget for it for one thing. There is a national academy, but in general they are picking up the 7th 8th 9th etc rated players as the top players have so many elite level coaches to choose from.
This is probably a reason they have been so successful:
In Spain they have created a Tournament structure, built a National Academy but left the top players with their individual players.
They are not trying to create a self serving performance system like the LTA
& other National Associations.

Interesting that Australia has finally got a Pro Tour together and that will create a base of players from 130-250ATP.
The boys are all in Mexico meeting with mixed success but as Johnny Millman says... you start to build a culture.

I agree on your view of RPT, realise you have a vested interest as a member/tutor, while still working for the LTA!
I will be moonlighting at a few conferences this year...
Don't know if I am ready to go over to "The Dark Side".
LTA definitely can't offer any more on the technical side.
I am not saying they don't have coaches that can offer this, just that it is not offered as a course.

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